Ode to summer

With a singular beauty, an adventurous soul, she constantly imagines herself exploring new horizons. When the sun comes out, she sings her favourite song: an ode to love and life. To this rhythm that drives her, she dances and swings. She imagines herself reading a romantic novel, sunbathing on a rock and enjoying the beauty of a sunset. As a dreamer, she lets her mind be seduced by the sweet perfume of summer.
  • 190,00 € In Stock
    We adopt this little jewel bag!
  • 199,00 € In Stock
    A box-sized bag, practical and chic, to look good in all circumstances!
  • 60,00 € In Stock
  • 165,00 € In Stock
    Play the card of elegance with this bag, worn on the shoulder or shoulder strap.
  • 155,00 € In Stock
    Our star model Juliet is adorned with a crocodile dress, for our greatest pleasure!
  • 70,00 € In Stock
  • 190,00 € In Stock
    An ideal format that accompanies you throughout the day. What do we like? Its double wear: shoulder strap or hand-carried for more style.
  • 235,00 € In Stock
    A romantic getaway or a weekend with friends? Opt for this practical and stylish 48-hour bag.
  • 179,00 € In Stock
    The baguette bag is making a comeback!