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Made with full grain calfskin

We take pride in selecting the finest leather to manufacture our leather goods. Our leathers come from France and Italy, where we work with partner tanneries to develop original and unique colours every season.

We mainly work with full grain calfskin leather. The top grain is a noble part of the leather, having retained its original surface and displaying natural marks etched into the skin. These marks, as well as any different nuances in the colours of the skin, are typical characteristics of full grain leather and make each piece unique.

The slight imperfections in the leather (scars, growth marks, colour or grain variations) are entirely normal and do not affect the quality of the leather. On the contrary, they guarantee its authenticity.

Respectful leather

Being transparent about the origin and manufacture of our leather is one of our top priorities. The partner tanneries guarantee the origin and traceability of the leather, as well as compliance with labour rights. We select high-quality raw materials from recognised and inspected tanneries to ensure that the manufacturing process is respectful of the environment and health.

Nat & Nin leathers are tanned in accordance with applicable laws in the European Community, in compliance with REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals). The tanning of the leathers is certified as free from nitrogen and heavy metals. Our partner tanneries are regularly inspected by accredited laboratories to guarantee compliance with these standards. The tanning process, friendly to the environment and health, guarantees authentic and non-allergenic leather that has a soft, pleasant and delicate feel.

The different types of leather

At Nat & Nin, we like surprising customers every season with new colours, new textures and new prints. We explore the most carefully crafted leather and seek out rare gems. The feel, radiance, durability, weight (feather) and strength of the leather are examined with a fine-tooth comb.

Every season, this means that Nat & Nin collections contain different leathers and split leathers (always from calves) married to give more contours and richness to the visual landscape.

The product sheets for our items provide information on the type of leather mainly used in a product. A colour usually has an associated type of leather.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of leather we use :

Oil tan leather

Fairly smooth and often mat, it has a silken, highly sensual touch and acquires a delicate patina over time. With use, the leather reveals its shine and beauty.

"Peach skin effect" leather

This leather has a slightly nubuck look and a velvety touch. Its surface is lightly sanded to achieve the very soft and delicate peach skin effect. Depending on the collection, it can have a lighter or heavier grain and nuanced colours. More fragile than other types of leather, it needs to be used with caution and requires special care.

"Glitter" leather

This is split leather (leather with an altered thickness) that gives a sparkle effect thanks to its shining speckled layer. Fantastic for dazzling accessories!

"Patina effect" leather

This more rigid leather offers more durability. Its smooth and slightly shiny appearance gives it a natural elegance and a very vintage look. More robust, it handles any season without wrinkles (provided it is used with care!).

Full-grain leather

This is leather whose surface has been embossed to achieve a specific design. This may involve simple grains, scales or an imitation reptile look, for example. Certain prints are also achieved using split leather.

Vegetal leather

This is a more rigid, authentic and robust leather achieved using vegetal tanning (tannins from organic substances such as sap, leaves and bark), unlike mineral tanning. Its minimalism, raw look and thickness give it a vintage charm all its own.

Care instructions

Leather is a natural, living material that requires a sensitive touch. It can be prematurely damaged if not cared for properly. Over time it changes and acquires a patina: this natural wear takes the form of colour and texture variations that give leather its character and enhance its authenticity. 

Below are some care instructions for prolonging the life of your bag!


Before the first use, it is strongly recommended to protect your bag using a non-coloured waterproof spray. Maintain a distance of at least 30 cm when spraying to avoid staining or damaging the leather. If the leather has been rained on, leave it to dry in the open air, it will absorb the water naturally (do not put it on a radiator or near any source of heat!). You can repeat this waterproofing process regularly every 2-3 months. If in doubt about the spray used, test the product on a small non-visible part of the bag.

Important! It is not recommended to waterproof vegetal leather, which could be irreversibly stained during spraying.

Avoid certain exposures

It is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to water, the sun, the moon, powerful artificial lights, heat and greasy substances, otherwise irreversible damage may occur. Exposing leather to the sun's rays and to liquid or greasy substances, as well as variations in temperature and humidity levels, can significantly and prematurely alter its appearance. To prevent any discolouration or stains, be cautious and vigilant during bad weather!

Be careful of colour transfers

It is recommended to be particularly careful about potential colour transfers. Two scenarios may occur: your clothing can stain the leather or your bag can stain your clothing. You should therefore avoid contact with coats and raw textiles that give off colour (such as dark jeans or new clothes); their coloured pigments can transfer to the leather and irreversibly damage the bag. Similarly, take care when wearing a brightly coloured or dark bag! Generally speaking, you should avoid combining light leather with dark clothing and vice versa. If in doubt it's best to play it safe!

Keep your bag in a sheltered location

Certain types of exposure (sun, moon, liquid or greasy substances) and climate variations can cause leather to age prematurely. Dust can also be abrasive. You should therefore keep your bag in its protective cover, away from light and moisture, in a clean, dry and ventilated place. If you do not use it for an extended period, make sure you take it out and aerate it from time to time and polish it, either with a clean, soft cloth or with a special nubuck leather brush if the leather has a "peach skin effect". This will prevent dust from becoming embedded in the grain of the leather.

Treat stains quickly

Stains must be treated very quickly to prevent the coating of the leather from being eaten away. Don't delay! If you react quickly you can limit the damage. Be careful of following misleading advice! If in doubt, call our customer support team or consult a leather specialist. Also be careful with the cleaning products you use: some products are not suited to all types of leather and can change its look or texture, change its colour or even stain it further.

See our FAQs for what to do in an emergency.

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Survival kit

Nat & Nin has developed a range of care products in partnership with a leading French manufacturer of leather care products. These products were manufactured with stringent requirements and have been tested on our different leathers. Take care with the specific characteristics of your bag's leather! Not all products are suitable for all leathers.

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