History of the brand

Two designers,
one family passion

Nat & Nin is a story of two inspired sisters, Natalie and Ninny, who decided to begin designing handbags in Paris in 2005. At Nat & Nin, leather goods are very much a family affair: their parents, master leather artisans for more than 30 years, cut their teeth at the most prestigious French Maisons.

It was in their parents' Paris atelier, among the scent of tanned leather, that the young sisters spent most of their time, taking long naps on the piles of leather heaped in a corner of the room waiting to be transformed… Imbued with this atmosphere of both passion and artisanal expertise, the two self-taught designers launched their own range of handbags aged just 19 and 25.

Nat & Nin's mission

Nat & Nin's mission is to bring back timeless and strong pieces, practical and fashionable essentials, that can accompany you anywhere, any time. Word of mouth quickly spread: Nat & Nin won the hearts of Parisian women with their vivid and feminine bags, both chic and practical, inspired by the retro trend that the two designers continually revisit to adapt to the everyday lives of today's women. Attention to detail, the development of original colours and the selection of the finest Italian leathers (read more about the leathers here) fuel the Nat & Nin style, and the brand is quickly earning itself a place in the exclusive club of the capital's trendy leather artisans.

Nat & Nin is about "recreating" the basics and having fun while doing it: the look conveys pseudo-innocence, sparkle and boho-chic; the relaxed feminine style and discreet elegance is accompanied by a French touch and sprinkled with a charming vintage note. The details are refined, the textures exquisite and the sizes carefully designed. The result is practical and feminine bags that turn into travel companions, trusted everyday confidants that become part of the small and great experiences in our lives as the leather acquires a patina.

Antonyme: another perspective
on designing men's leather goods

In the autumn of 2012, the designers launched their very first collection of leather goods exclusively for men: Antonyme was born. The collection of bags takes its name from Anthony, their younger brother, who has been part of the adventure together with his sisters from the beginning. These bags feature an urban and relaxed style, with original details and smart interior design features, created to accommodate all kinds of high-tech gadgets. Inspired by urban life and featuring old-school accents, this collection gives the designers a new outlet for expression (read more about Antonyme here).


The sewing sisters

What inspires Nathalie and Ninny?

A favourite decoration, a colourful voyage, a meeting on a bend in a Paris street. Their passion for fashion, their hunger to explore new textures, their afternoons spent at second-hand markets and their taste in retro style. Inspiring people and characters, secrets between sisters or friends, films from another era and moments in life. Their personal experience. And their family life too.

This is channelled into bags that reflect us and make us feel good. That bring us comfort, pleasure and colour into our lives and convey positive vibes. That reinterpret fashion with simplicity and natural elegance. And that chime with our desires to combine different styles, from the most classical to the most glamorous or rock 'n' roll.

Portrait of a brand

If Nat & Nin was...

A delicacy

A box of macaroons full of flavours and colours, as flavoursome as they are beautiful.

A season

Spring, when the days grow longer and the skirts get shorter!

A song

"Feeling Good" by Nina Simone

A mantra

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken (Oscar Wilde)

An imaginary address

The Street of Little Pleasures, Paris

A fragrance

Peony, both simple and pure, generous and subtle, without unnecessary fuss.

A sound

A shared smile.

A secret

Something that makes you feel good and that only the best of friends tell each other.