Soul mates

Nathalie and Ninny were only 19 and 25 when they created NAT & NIN in 2005. Even when they were children, they spent their time in their parent's atelier in Paris, leather artisans who used to work for the most prestigious French Maisons. Playing with leather scraps, cutting, sewing, the two sisters also used to take long naps on the soft piles of leather, dreaming about creating their own style and brand. Burning of impatience to make it happen, their inspiration bubbling up, they created their own first handbag line.

"Purs(e)uing" their dream

Self-taught creators, the two sisters inherited the passion and the knowhow from their parents, relying on their inventiveness and attention to detail, reinventing the basics into timeless pieces, using exclusively genuine full grain leather from Italy. Their hard work paid off: the two designers quickly found a place in the Parisian "créateurs" stores, creating sparkling and colorful bags, designed to be your closest assistant. It is all about natural sophistication and a refreshing simplicity, a comfortable and romantic combination of Parisian vintage and modern styles. So easy and comfy, those bags are made to live your crazy busy life: strong inside, lovely outside, always reliable.

Little by little

Autumn 2012: Nathalie and Ninnie create for the first time a leather goods' collection for men, called ANTONYME BY NAT & NIN. This collection's name comes from Anthony, their younger brother, who has been part of the NAT & NIN adventure since the beginning. A "Sports Luxe" collection that utilizes simple, casual and original details. With studied sizes and smart design features, the sisters wants to develop an elegant and relaxed collection, fashionable yet practical bags. Inspired by urban life and classic days of old school cool, the men's collection is all about urban style and elegance.