Leather made in Italy

The designers carefully select Italian premium top grain leather, the noblest and highest quality part of the hide. Their leather unveil over time a fascinating patina, making each piece unique and revealing an addictive delicate and smooth texture. This manufacturing process guarantees a genuine and non allergen leather, exclusive soft and delicate.

The slight imperfections in the leathers (scars, growth marks, difference of color or texture, etc.) are entirely normal. It does not affect the high quality of leathers. Full grain leather is fine leather that displays the natural markings of the animal's skin. Slight imperfections and minor color variations are not flaws, they are typical features of leather that identify each piece as a uniquely beautiful product.


Taking good care of leather will ensure it a prolonged lifetime. Leather does not require a regular cleaning. In the course of time it develops a beautiful patina: this is fair wear and tear, which gives each bag a unique and genuine style.

You are advised to apply a neutral waterproofing spray before first time use (spray at a minimum distance of 30 cm). If the leather is wet because of rain, please let it dry naturally. Nevertheless, you are highly advised to avoid prolonged contact with water, sun, heat and fatty substances, at the risk of permanent and irreversible damages. Without any care, leather can be damaged prematurely (fading, stains). Also avoid contact with any raw textiles and materials which may transfer colour pigments and make the leather get dirty. Please take care with bright and light colours, which are more delicate. Take care with your clothing: don't wear dark or coloured clothes with light coloured leather and vice versa. Bag should also be kept away from dust, which can have a bad effect on leather: that is why we recommend to keep the bag stored in its dust bag, in a well-ventilated, clean and dry place. Dirt must be removed very quickly, so as not to remove the natural protection of leather which would cause permanent damage.

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